Diakonos Discipleship

Diakonos Discipleship
-Growing Spirit-led servants

  1. Diakonos Discipleship’s goal is to grow Spirit-led servants of the Lord Jesus Christ (Diakonos is the Biblical Greek word for ‘servant’)
  2. Diakonos Discipleship seeks to fulfill Colossians 1:28
    He (Jesus) is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.  (NIV)
  3. Diakonos Discipleship seeks:
    a) That everyone comes to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
    b) That everyone has built a good Christian foundation. (Growing In Christ)
    c) That everyone is involved in personally reading and studying the Bible
    d) That everyone grows from being a Spiritual Child to an Spiritual Adult and ultimately a Called, Gifted Servant of Jesus Christ
  4. Diakonos Discipleship is dependent on the direction of the Holy Spirit for both its program and its working in individuals lives
  5. Diakonos Discipleship provides two types of Discipleship Opportunities:
    1. Scheduled Discipleship – “You Come to Us”
    2. Personalized Discipleship – “We Meet With You”

For More Information contact:
Pastor George Eberly
Discipleship Pastor
Text or Call 484-343-8164