Check out CFF’s Children’s Church, KidzXP!

Our desire at Kidz XP is to create a fun and exciting environment where Kids eXPerience Jesus.  We offer a small group setting where kids will be able to interact with other kids around their age. We all gather together in the Kidz XP Chapel for their very own worship service. The kids love the fun interactive worship songs and they love to hear the story told to them in a fun, dynamic way. We look forward to meeting you and your child at Kidz XP!

For kids K-5th Grade
Every Sunday at 10:30am
Check-In starts at 10:15am

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We need help in KidzXP!
We need a volunteer interested in serving on the KidzXP team as the Creative Team Leader. You would review the upcoming month’s theme(s) – recruit & coordinate team meetings for tear down and setup of decorations for each new month. Basically the team meetings are held the 1st or 2nd Wednesday of EVERY month to brainstorm, divide & conquer (everyone has till end of month to get their decorations done) …then there is a tear down old/put-up new party during the week(end) before the first Sunday of any given month.

We currently have some volunteers that help our SmallGroupLeaders on Sunday morning (2nd service) 2 on and 2 off, so we need someone to counter those volunteers for the K/1 and 4/5 classes.
—>Please pray about these and Let Miss Robin and/or Miss Lindsey know asap please!